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What is a link Shortener?

Basically, link shortener networks enable the publishers to earn money at the time when a person clicks the shortened link. Such shortened link opens an advertising window first and when the user clicks the skip ad button, he lands on the right page.

This just adds one extra advertising layer to the user’s journey to the page he is looking to open.

Also, it should be noted that to make money from this technique, the website is not mandatory. If in case the person wants to use the website to make money, it can be a quick way forward. You can place the shorten URL links on your social media handles, or anywhere you wish to. If any of the visitors clicks on the links, some amount of money will be automatically added to the URL shortener account.

The Concept

The concept of link shortener networks is very simple. All you need to do is to shorten long URLs people want to visit. Share the shortened links with your audience. You may have audience on social media, forums, Q&A sites or on your own website. Whenever someone opens the shortened link, he lands on a screen, watches an advertisement, skips it and lands on the main long URL. Meanwhile, you earn money behind the scene.


After reading this, many of you might get certain questions, such as which URL shortener pays the highest? Or which is the finest URL shortener?

You can also get your ad campaign onboard through such ads. This ad opens in a full browser window and has a minimum visibility of 5-10 seconds(depends on your bidding).

But before that let us check out the payment options available.

  • Paypal